• District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Visual Artist Fellowship Program,  FY 2017.
  • District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Visual Artist Fellowship Program, FY 2015.
  • McLean Project for the Arts, Something & Nothing, Painting Award. McLean, VA, 2012.
  • Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Resident Fellow, SweetBriar, VA, March 1996 and May 2000.
  • Margaret Stonewall Hamblet Award, $12,500.00 awarded to study art abroad. 1984 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.


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District of Columbia Arts Center, member of Sparkplug Collective.  Formula 1.

Palisades Citizens Association, member 1998- present.  Volunteer for neighborhood activities and awareness.  Latest volunteer effort: assisted in bringing a farmers market to the Palisades neighborhood. Graphic design volunteer. Washington, DC.

Know Thyself as Soul Foundation, Former Board Member, Co-National Representative, and Secretary 2006-2011. KTS is a non-profit service organization promoting a healthy life style and meditation, serving the Northeast region of the United States and internationally.  Kinderhook, NY.

Matzo Files, as a member of Artists Alliance Inc. joined matzo files: 2004- 2005, Member of Steering Committee, New York City, NY.