Blue Painting

Cool Blue
Sea blue, sky blue, blue moon hung
Inside the orbit of ice cold Neptune.
I dip my brush in blue
And follow its course across
The woven canvas.
Fling it, push it, pull it, tenderly
Brush blue. Radio songs of you
Play in my brain. Cool blue swimming pool,
Iced water blue, white heat! Blue flame
Under my teakettle. Oh! Black and
Blue bruise on the inside
Wanting to say. . . something so
Deep all the oceans of the Earth cover
And swallow the words. Liquid
Blue paint sliding over the canvas.
I slip into the stream of you riding
The blue wave to the edge
A wordless song for you
Cresting… Crashing.
Engine overhead
Rattles the round blue egg.
You are a pilot in a plane
Trailing vapor streaks.
Swing down low and swallow the
Teary stain marking my soul.

Kathryn McDonnell